September 13, 2017

Canned Kujira Yamato-Ni/鯨大和煮の缶詰

Yesterday, I bought a can of kujira yamato-ni at a local drug store.
Kujira = Whale
Yamato-ni = Nimono (simmered dish) heavily seasoned with sugar, soy sauce, ginger, etc.
Yamato-ni is made with not only whale meat but also other meats such as chicken, beef, mutton, venison, and horse meat.
Canned kujira yamato-ni is nothing new; you can easily find it at any supermarkets in Japan.
When I was a child (I was born in 1960), whale meat was one of the cheapest sources of protein in Japan, but now, it is as expensive as domestic beef. Yesterday, I found raw whale meat sold for 298 yen per 100 g at a local supermarket.
This particular product (solid content of 50 g and total amount of 80 g) was 298 yen, and it is a bit of a luxury item for me.
鯨(くじら、クジラ) = Whale
大和煮 = 砂糖、しょう油、生姜などで濃い味付けをした煮物。
私が小さい頃(生まれは1960年)、日本では鯨肉は最も安価の蛋白源の一つでしたが、今では、国産の牛肉と同じくらいの値段です。昨日、地元のスーパーで生の鯨肉が100 g 298円で売られていました。
この製品(固形量50 g、総量80 g)は、298円で、私にとってはちょっとした贅沢品です。

The label says: This product is a byproduct of the research whaling conducted by the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) in accordance with the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. The capture waters are identified by WAO (Antarctic Ocean) or WNP (Northwest Pacific Ocean) on the can lid. The species is identified by M (mink), N (Bryde's), or I (Sei) on the top row(?) of the can lid.
こう書かれています: 本製品は国際捕鯨取締条約にもとづいて、(一財)日本鯨類研究所が実施した捕獲調査の副産物です。捕獲海域は南氷洋(WAO)、北西太平洋(WNP)と缶蓋に記載しております。鯨の種類は、ミンククジラ(M)、ニタリクジラ(N)、イワシクジラ(I)を缶蓋の上段(?)に記載しております。


9895039531 seeandoh said...

Whale meat looks like Beef. How does it taste ? Is it like fish meat ?

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: This particular dish, canned yamato-ni, is very tender and not smelly at all.

Raw lean whale meat is more gamey than beef and slightly smelly (it smells of blood).

The Japanese eat not only the read lean part of a whale but also the innards, blubber, and even testicles! I'm planning to make a short trip to Wada town, Chiba, so I can taste some of the local whale dishes there.

9895039531 seeandoh said...

Great information. We do not get Whale meat here in the fish market in our state. I love to have some whale meat because it mostly lives in the deep ocean and will not be like the fish we get from the polluted coastal waters. Good luck on your whale meat hunting trip to Chiba.