February 26, 2018

Japan Small-Type Whaling Assosiation/日本小型捕鯨協会

Here's a link to the website of Japan Small-Type Whaling Association:

It is strongly encouraged to browse the English version of the site to learn the current situation of the small-type whaling in Japan.

Here are some excerpts:

1. From the Introduction to Japanese Small-Type Coastal Whaling page:

It has been 17 years since
Japan's small-type coastal
whalers have been prohibited
from catching even a single
minke whale.
Despite the fact that scientists confirm a healthy stock
and marine environment; 
despite the fact that small-type coastal whalers and
people of the whaling communities are struggling; 
despite the fact that too many minke whales are considered to have detrimental effects on the ocean's ecosystem; and  despite 16 years of honest efforts of ours to meet with everyone and discuss minke whale management 
at the IWC - 
We are still not allowed to hunt minke whales.

2. From the Glossary and Issues page, the definition of IWC:

The International Whaling Commission is an international organisation which regulates whaling. The IWC is supposed to manage thirteen species of large whales, including all baleen whales and the sperm whale, the largest toothed whale. At about eight metres, the minke whale is the second smallest of the baleen whales, which means that the IWC sets the catch quotas for minkes. However, small cetaceans, such as the Baird's beaked whale and the pilot whale, as well as other dolphins and porpoises, are regulated separately by the national governments. The Japanese government therefore sets the whaling catch quotas for these species scientifically to ensure sustainable harvests.

Let me iterate the fact that the moratorium was not necessary in the first place. What we need to do now is to discuss sustainable whaling and that's exactly what the IWC is for, but the adamant anti-whaling countries, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, refuse to talk. Just think how culturally imperialistic these countries are!

Down with cultural imperialism!
Say no to cultural harassment!

Say to the anti-whaling countries:
We are not like you, we don't think like you, and we don't eat like you.
We don't want to live on beef alone. We regard whales as important marine resources and we want to eat whale meat as well as other marine resources such as fish and seafood. That's all.
What more do we need to say?


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