February 3, 2018

St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration (2006)/セントキッツ・ネーヴィス宣言(2006)

One of the few bright news items for pro-whaling countries is St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration.

Link to St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration on WIKISOURCE
Link to the tentative translation of St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration into Japanese, prepared by the Fisheries Agency

It is strongly encouraged to read the whole text of the Declaration. You will see how hypocritical the anti-whaling countries are.

Some exerpts (bold and underscore are mine):

NOTING that in 1982 the IWC adopted a moratorium on commercial whaling (paragraph 10 e of the Schedule to the ICRW) without advice from the Commission's Scientific Committee that such measure was required for conservation purposes;
FURTHER NOTING that the moratorium which was clearly intended as a temporary measure is no longer necessary, that the Commission adopted a robust and risk-averse procedure (RMP) for calculating quotas for abundant stocks of baleen whales in 1994 and that the IWC's own Scientific Committee has agreed that many species and stocks of whales are abundant and sustainable whaling is possible;
CONCERNED that after 14 years of discussion and negotiation, the IWC has failed to complete and implement a management regime to regulate commercial whaling.

- COMMISSIONERS express their concern that the IWC has failed to meet its obligations under the terms of the ICRW and,
- DECLARE our commitment to normalizing the functions of the IWC based on the terms of the ICRW and other relevant international law, respect for cultural diversity and traditions of coastal peoples and the fundamental principles of sustainable use of resources, and the need for science-based policy and rulemaking that are accepted as the world standard for the management of marine resources.

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