February 16, 2018

The Moratorium Is a Violation of the ICRW/モラトリアムはICRW違反

Note: Bolds and underscores are mine.

The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling (ICRW) contains Article V, which clearly states that amendments of the Schedule shall be based on scientific findings, as follows:

Article V
1. The Commission may amend from time to time the
provisions of the Schedule by adopting regulations with
respect to the conservation and utilization of whale
resources, fixing (a) protected and unprotected species;
(b) open and closed seasons; (c) open and closed waters,
including the designation of sanctuary areas; (d) size
limits for each species; (e) time, methods, and intensity
of whaling (including the maximum catch of whales to
be taken in any one season); (f) types and specifications
of gear and apparatus and appliances which may be
used; (g) methods of measurement; and (h) catch returns
and other statistical and biological records.
2. These amendments of the Schedule (a) shall be such as
are necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of
this Convention and to provide for the conservation,
development, and optimum utilization of the whale
resources; (b) shall be based on scientific findings; (c)
shall not involve restrictions on the number or
nationality of factory ships or land stations, nor allocate
specific quotas to any factory ship or land station or to
any group of factory ships or land stations; and (d) shall
take into consideration the interests of the consumers of
whale products and the whaling industry.

The full text of the ICRW can be found here:

The moratorium was adopted in 1982 at the IWC without advice from the Commission's Scientific Committee that the moratorium was required for conservation purposes, as clearly stated in St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration in 2006, as follows:

NOTING that in 1982 the IWC adopted a moratorium on commercial whaling (paragraph 10 e of the Schedule to the ICRW) without advice from the Commission's Scientific Committee that such measure was required for conservation purposes;

The full text of St. Kitts and Nevis Declaration can be found here:

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep in mind that the moratorium is a violation of the ICRW. The ugliest anti-whaling country, namely, the United States of America, together with some environmental groups, succeeded in winning the moratorium by resorting to some underhanded measures.



第 5 条
1.委員会は、鯨資源の保存及び利用について、(a)保護される種類及び保護されない種類、(b) 解禁期及び禁漁期、(c)解禁水域及び禁漁水域(保護区域の指定を含む。)、(d)各種類についての大きさの制限、(e)捕鯨の時期、方法及び程度(一漁期における鯨の最大捕獲量を含む。)、(f)使用する漁具、装備及び器具の型式及び仕様、(g)測定方法、(h)捕獲報告並びに他の統計的及び生物学的記録並びに(i)監督の方法に関して規定する規則の採択によって、付表の規定随時修正することができる。






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