February 19, 2018

You're still against eating whale?/それでもあなたは、クジラを食べることに反対ですか?

Here are links to this video on YouTube (already linked to in a previous post about whaling):

English version/英語版
You're still against eating whale?
Japanese version/日本語版
French version/フランス語版
Etes-vous toujours opposés à la consommation de viande de baleine?

At 0:50 and 3:12, you can hear the same sentence:

We should put whales, the ocean, and the food problem in perspective.

Let me add just one more crucial problem: Global warming due to methane gas from cows.
We should not live on beef alone. We should consume all of animal protein, plant protein, and marine protein wisely.
もう一つ重大な問題があります: 牛から出るメタンガスによる地球温暖化。

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