November 29, 2017

Two Shigefusa Kitaeji Gyuto, 210 mm and 240 mm/重房鍛地牛刀2丁、210 mmと240 mm

Comment from another happy owner of Shigefusa knives.
"Today I finally received the knives. It took really long but I am very happy. I especially like the 240mm as it is much lighter than I anticipated."
Note: The owner has had to wait for two years to get these knives.
注: このオーナーは、この包丁を得るのに2年も待ちました。 

November 21, 2017

Cetophilia (Love of Cetaceans)/セトフィリア(病的鯨類愛好)

Here I define the term cetophilia as a mental disorder of loving cetaceans abnormally.

Ceto (< Cetacea) + philia (love, friendship, affection)
セト(クジラ目) + フィリア(愛、友情、好意)
Anti-whaling countries, groups, and individuals are mild to serious cases of cetophilia. I can't talk about the symptoms of such cases without condemning them. I guess I'd better not go into more details about cetophiliac countries because hatred would simply generate more hatred.

I hope to see the demise of the cetophiliac policies of cetophiliac countries some day, and I do hope that all countries work toward a common goal: the sustainable management of cetaceans and other marine resources.

In the meantime, I'm dreaming of a dinner party where people from both whaling countries and former anti-whailing countries savor the flavors of whale meat and other fresh seafood, just like a cetophiliac person is dreaming of an imaginary world where humans and cetaceans live together happily ever after.

November 8, 2017

Shigefusa Knives/重房の包丁

I recently received these photos, together with a comment, from a happy owner of two Shigefusa knives, a 180 mm kitaeji petty and a 240 mm kasumi gyuto. He or she has given me permission to show the photos here in my blog, so here they are.
最近、重房の包丁2丁(180 mm鍛地ペティと240 mm霞牛刀)の持ち主から、次の写真とコメントを頂きました。このブログに写真を載せる許可を頂いたので、載せます。
"Im so happy with the knives. The fit and finish is of top notch, as most of the shigefusa knives are. Can't wait to put them in action."

240 mm kasumi with a saya:
240 mm霞と鞘:
Petty and gyuto: