May 20, 2019

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 15/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート15

This time, my daughter sent me these photos, with no descriptions of them.


April 21, 2019

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 14/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート14

1 Crepe
2 Tonjiru (pork soup) udon
3 Tomato cream with shrimp and komatsuna (a type of greens)
4 Mackerel simmered with miso
5 Sardine fries

February 14, 2019

Three Shigefusa Knives/重房の包丁、3丁

270 mm Shigefusa kitaeji wa (Japanese-style) gyuto
270 mm Shigefusa kitaeji wa sujihiki
210 mm Shigefusa kasumi wa gyuto
270 mm重房鍛地和牛刀
270 mm重房鍛地和筋引
210 mm重房霞和牛刀
The owners have had to wait for almost three years to get them.

January 21, 2019

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 13/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート13

1 Nakatsu shio karaage
Nakatsu is the city in Oita prefecture that is famous for its chicken karaage. Shio means salt. 
2 Cabbage rolls and chicken simmered with tomato
3 Mapo tofu
1 中津の塩唐揚
2 ロールキャベツとチキンのトマト煮
3 麻婆豆腐

January 15, 2019

Canadian PM Criticizes Japan over Whaling/カナダの首相が日本の捕鯨を非難


Canada left the IWC in 1982. Justin Trudeau has gone insane?


January 13, 2019

Minke Whales/ミンク鯨

Excerpt from the website of the Japan Small-Type Whaling Association

What kind of whale is the minke whale?
Minke whales are one of the many species of whales that live in Japan's coastal waters and there are at least 25,000 of them.
Whale stocks that have been depleted do need protection - but minke whales and small cetaceans are thriving in large numbers in the world's oceans. Now, scientists think at least 25,000 minke whales are in Japan's coastal waters and because there is no minke whaling allowed, the number of minkes is increasing.
Because there are so many minke whales, they are in NO danger of becoming extinct.
Minke whales feed mainly on large numbers of small fishes.
Because whales are one of the largest animals in the sea, they eat large amounts of fish as their primary food. Minke whales that live near Japan feed on sardines, saury, and walleye pollack - fish that the Japanese also enjoy eating.
So if there are too many minke in the ocean, they might deplete other valuable marine resources?
If the number of whales grows too large, it is entirely possible that the whales, which eat the fish, could decrease the number of fish in the ocean.
This could be a serious problem because it could mean a shortage of food for the whales, destruction of the balance among species in the ecosystem, and problems for fishermen who need to feed their communities by fishing.
Whales are important animals but if there are too many of them, they can become a problem.


December 27, 2018

When Will the Anti-Whaling Countries Realize...?/いつになったら反捕鯨国は分かるんでしょう?

When will the anti-whaling countries stop acting like some kind of environmental group and face the fact?
When will they realize that they are sadly mistaken? Sustainable whaling is the only sensible way to go, and singling out whales for protection can have serious side effects.

Japan regards whales as important marine resources, especially because they are high on the food chain. Besides, for Japan, whose food self-sufficiency is around 40%, whales are also important in terms of food security.

They say great minds think alike. When will the anti-whaling countries stop being emotional and think like us???



Great minds think alike(賢者はみな同じように考える)と言います。いつになったら、反捕鯨国は感情的になるのを止め、私たちと同じように考えるようになるのでしょうか???