April 6, 2014

Chicken Amakara Yaki, Again/再び、鶏の甘辛焼き

I've already posted about this dish here in my blog. My wife likes this dish very much. To be more precious, she likes the naganegi in this dish. The other day, we got lots of naganegi from my wife's brother, and I made this dish as part of supper tonight.
I first pan-fried the naganegi with sesame oil, and set aside in a dish.
I used two chicken thighs. I cut them into bit size pieces, and dusted them with flour.

I added the naganegi, and cooked for 1 minute or so, with a lid on.
I added 100 ml each of soy sauce and mirin. I tasted it, and decided to add more sauce and mirin (30 ml each).
醤油とみりんを100 mlづつ入れました。味見して、さらに醤油とみりんを足すことにしました(各30 ml)。

Simple yet very tasty.


okasan said...


Hiroyuki said...

okasan: はい、美味しいですよ!
if you like the intense combined flavor of soy sauce and mirin flavor, that is.

Sissi said...

This dish reminds me how scared I was of the Japanese cuisine (apart from sushi/maki sushi which are very popular in whole Europe). The names were impossible to remember, sounded complicated, but in reality when you bought several basic Japanese seasoning ingredients (mirin, soy sauce, etc.) they proved usually easy! This dish reminds me of chicken and negi skewers. It looks delicious (I wonder if my negi will manage to grow on my balcony... I think it has already sprouted but it's not a guarantee).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: You are referring to negima ねぎま, I suppose. Negima is delicious, but this particular dish is even more delicious than negima, in my opinion! Negima is made in such a way that excess oil is removed from chicken, but in this dish, the chichen is coated with flour, and retains all the flavor and stays tender, and the negi absorbs the flavor of soy sauce and mirin.

Phil H said...

Hiroyuki, This was delicious! Simple and elegant. Although I had to substitute Spring Onions I thought it turned out really well. Thanks for another great recipe.

Hiroyuki said...

Phil H: Thank *you*! Yes, spring onions should be fine, too!

Sissi said...

You are right! Negima! Negima (like all the skewers) looks very cute but it's often not as delicious as the same ingredients prepared in a different way. I often burn the leek (I use European leek of course) before the chicken is cooked... this is another problem.