November 26, 2014

What It's Like Having the Freshest Coffee at Home At All Times?/いつも家に新鮮なコーヒーがあるってどんな感じ?

Today, I have roasted 500 g of coffee beans with my perforated alumite pot. This is the very first time that I have roasted 500 g of them. It's a success. 16.2% weight loss.
今日は、穴開きのアルマイト鍋でコーヒー豆を500 g焙煎しました。500 g焙煎するのは初めてです。成功しました。重量減は16.2%です。
Right: Coffee beans I have roasted today, put in a jar.
Left: Coffee beans I roasted two weeks ago (15.8% weight loss), which we will use up in two or three days.
右: 今日焙煎したコーヒー豆(瓶に入れた後)
左: 二週間前に焙煎したコーヒー豆(重量減15.8%)。二、三日後には使い切る予定。 
So, what it's like having the freshest coffee at home at all times? It makes you happy!


Yubun said...

Nice looking roast you have! I also do my own bean roasting but using a drum roaster instead of over the stove like you're doing. I usually just listen for the 2nd crack instead of using the weight lost method that you're doing but I am interested to see what weight lost I get at the 2nd crack. I'll try and measure it next time. What's you're favorite region of beans?

Hiroyuki said...

Yubun: I DO listen for first crack. The weight loss is just a indicator of the roast level that I can learn AFTER the end of roasting.

I'd estimate that your coffee experiences a weight loss of around 18-20%.

For me, the perfect weight loss (that is, roast level) is around 15.5%, which is achieved by keeping roasting coffee for 2-3 minutes after the start of first crack.

I have tried beans from several different regions so far, but quite honestly, I really can't tell which is my favorite, so now I simply buy the cheapest (Mexico for this particular roast).

Miko said...

can use oven to roast or not? coffee beans looks so nice. What equipment you use to roast ? The ultimate have a nice cuppa !

Hiroyuki said...


I personally don't want to roast in an oven. (I don't have an oven in the first place.) You can always search YouTube for a good way to roast coffee.

Here are videos by me:

Yubun said...

Just did a batch yesterday and the weight loss was 15.1%, similar to your batch. If it's available try some different regions. Some of my favorites are from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nicaragua. These have VERY different flavor compare to regular store bought coffee, but in any case fresh roasted coffee beats store bought coffee anyday!

Miko, I would not try to roast coffee indoor since a lot of smoke is generated at the end of the roast. The first time I did it indoor all my fire alarms went off and I had to open all the windows just to get the smoke out. If you have an outdoor plug I would recommend getting a popcorn popper. Do a search on popcorn popper coffe roasting on YouTube and you should get a bunch of direction.

Hiroyuki said...

Yubun: 2nd crack and only 15.1%?!

Thanks for your suggestions about different regions. I'd like to try some when and if I upgrade to a self-made drum roaster!

Dexter Shaw said...


I am Dexter J Shaw from Newyork City and Hats off to you for your tutorials on coffee roasting and coffee brewing..I am a beginner to all things coffee and your notes on Matsuya are very interesting. Also watched some videos on youtube by nakagawa-san and your articles help me understand as I dont understand japanese...Thanks very much and recently after the hario v60 grabbed American markets, there a craze recently for another Japanese product called "kalita wave" which is a flat bottom brew bed filter. Is this geometry superior to Matsuya or hario as it facilitates uniform brewing ? ..I also heard that cone beds are not "scalable" for larger volumes of coffee and can cause overextraction as coffee exits at one focal point ? ..Looks like both World champions used this "kalita wave" in their championships and won ...

I see a video by Nakagawa talking about this and dont seem to follow what he says ..Can you please shed some light ? ...Happy New year to you !

Hiroyuki said...

Dexter: Thanks for your comment. I think I'll answer your question after watching the video you linked to. I watched the video real-time, but I don't remember much about it, and besides, we are now in the New Year holiday season (which is like Christmas time in other countries).

Dexter Shaw said...

No worries hiroyuki do respond when you get a chance ...Please enjoy the holiday season and may 2015 bring you and your family lot of good wishes !