April 28, 2015

Fuji Royal Coffee Mill R-440/フジローヤルのコーヒーミルR-440

I finally got it! Fuji Royal Coffee Mill R-440! It's secondhand, it's not attached with the hopper or the container underneath, but I really don't care. It was only 10,000 yen!
It has been a dream of mine to get this particular model for years.

Webpage describing R-400/R-400を説明するページ (Japanese only) on the website of Fuji Royal
According to the webpage:
Hopper capacity: 1.0 kg
Grinding capacity: 500 g/min.
Power consumption: 360 W
Weight: 15.0 kg
In Japan, the R-440 is regarded by many as the standard coffee mill for commercial use. 
A brand-new one will cost around 70,000 yen.
ホッパ容量: 1.0 kg
粉砕能力: 500 g 毎分
消費電力: 360 W
重量: 15.0 kg

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