May 12, 2015

Ice-Brewed Coffee/氷出しコーヒー

I have already talked about ice-brewing coffee here in my blog. I wanted to have affogato made with iced-brewed coffee, so I made another experiment.

You will need 40 g finely ground coffee to make 250-300 ml cold-brewed coffee.
Ice-brewing calls for a fine grind.
Making ice-brewed coffee does not mean that you have to have it cold. If you want to have it cold, you may want to use dark roast coffee. I used medium roast coffee because I wanted to have it hot.
You will also need a 900-ml PET bottle, a utility knife, a sheet of paper towel, a rubber band, and a server/carafe. You will also need ice cubes, naturally.
氷出しコーヒーを250~300 ml作るのに細挽きのコーヒーが40 g必要です。
また、900 mlのPETボトル、カッターナイフ、キッチンペーパー1枚、輪ゴム、サーバーが必要です。もちろん、氷も必要です。

1. Cut off the bottom of the PET bottle, with a utility knife. Be careful not to cut yourself with the cut end of the bottle. Cut the paper towel in half, and roll one half appropriately and use it to plug the top of the bottle from inside. Wrap the outside of the top with the other half and fasten it with a rubber band.
1. PETボトルの底をカッターナイフで切り落とします。PETボトルの切り口で怪我をしないよう注意して下さい。キッチンペーパーを半分に切り、一方の半分を適当に丸め、ボトルの上部を内側から塞ぎます。もう半分をボトルの上部の外側に当て、輪ゴムで固定します。

2. Place the bottle in the carafe, upside down.
2. ボトルを逆さにサーバーにセットします。
As you can see, the bottom is cut off.
3. Put coffee grounds in the bottle.
3. コーヒーの粉をボトルに入れます。
4. Pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds to bloom.
4. 少量のお湯をコーヒーの粉の上に注ぎ、蒸らします。
5. You don't have to wait for 3 minutes. Just add enough ice cubes.
5. 3分待つ必要はありません。氷を必要な量だけ入れます。
You may want to cover the bottom with some plastic wrap to keep off dust.
You will have to wait for six hours or so.

When I wake up in the morning, I got 250 ml of cold-brew coffee.
朝起きると、氷出しコーヒーが250 ml出来ていました。
Coffee grounds in the PET bottle:
I wanted to know how much more coffee I could get from the used coffee grounds, so I poured 500 ml of cold water.
コーヒーの粉からどのくらいさらにコーヒーができるか知りたくて、冷水を500 ml注ぎました。

In the meantime, I tasted some of the ice-brewed coffee.
Very, very strong! I diluted it with hot water at a 1 to 2 ratio, and microwaved for about 50 seconds before drinking.

After the ice-brewing, it took more than five hours to get this amount of coffee with cold-brewing.
The bottle was almost clogged with the finely ground coffee.
I microwaved the coffee and drank it. It wasn't good, but I managed to finish it off.

I have to get some ice cream to have affogato!

To be continued.

Edited to add:
So, I had some affogato (ice cream plus cold cold-brewed coffee) today. Of course, you can reheat the coffee before pouring over ice cream.
I thought, "Personally, I'd rather have cold cold-brewed coffee and ice cream separately."

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