November 5, 2015

The Best Way for Me to Brew Coffee So Far/今までで一番いいコーヒーの淹れ方

Since I ran out of paper filters for drip-brewing coffee, I've searched for a good way of brewing coffee. An ideal way for me is one that will allow me to brew coffee as easily as I make green tea. I have now come up with the best method, and I have used it for more than one month already. You may laugh at my simple method, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

My method uses three components: an insulated mug, a tea strainer, and a plastic container for containing the strainer.
The mug has a capacity of 300 ml, and the tea strainer fits perfectly in the mug.
マグカップの容量は300 mlで、茶こしはマグカップにぴったり入ります。

13 g ground coffee (medium grind).
挽いたコーヒー13 g(中挽き)
Pour about 60 ml of hot water for blooming from a thermos flask.
魔法瓶から蒸らし用のお湯を60 ml程度注ぎます。
The water temperature is about 90-85 degrees C.

Place the plastic container on top of the mug. Leave the mug for 2-3 minutes to completely degas the coffee grounds.
By thermos flask, I mean this type, which you can find in any Japanese home.
Three minutes have passed. You can tell that all the coffee grounds have been degassed from their blackish color.
Pour additional water from the thermos flask very slowly until you get 300 ml of water in the mug. Notice that permeation takes place until the water reaches the coffee grounds. You may want to lift the tea strainer while pouring water to prolong the permeation period, but I don't bother to do so.
魔法瓶からさらにお湯を、とてもゆっくりと、マグカップにお湯が300 ml入るまで、注ぎます。お湯がコーヒーの粉に達するまで、透過が起きていることに留意して下さい。お湯を注いでいる間、茶こしを持ち上げ、透過時間の延ばしてもいいでしょうが、私はわざわざやりません。
Notice that infusion now takes place. The question is when to lift the strainer to end the infusion. I leave the strainer for about one minute and then lift it up.
You can now have 300 ml of very tasty coffee from 13 g of coffee grounds. The coffee is about 80 degrees C.
コーヒーの粉13 gからとても美味しいコーヒーが300 mlできます。コーヒーの温度は摂氏80度程度です。

You will get a little coffee sludge at the bottom of your mug. Well, I really don't care. I tried this method with a French press once, and I got almost the same amount of sludge at the bottom.
With this way, you can make the most of coffee grounds, and you will be very pleased because cleaning these components is very, very easy.


Anonymous said...

How do you decide or choose the coffee grain size?

Hiroyuki said...

By trying a variety of grain sizes, naturally.

In general,

the finer the grind, the more fines you will get in your coffee.
the coarser the grind, the more time you will need to degass the coffee grounds.

I find that a medium grind is suitable for this method.

Holly said...

Wow, I just found this post and tried your method. Best coffee ever! I use paper filters for pour-over usually, but this makes much smoother-tasting coffee. Thank you for posting the detailed directions.

Hiroyuki said...

Thank you for your comment. This particular method of mine is intended to get the most out of the coffee, including oils, and some of the fine particles. I'm glad you liked it! I have developed other methods, and I may post about them in the future.