August 31, 2016

Shigefusa Kuro-Uchi (Black-Finish) Nakiri, 150 mm/重房黒打菜切り、150 mm

I have received these photos from the owner of a Shigefusa kuro-uchi nakiri with a blade length of 150 mm, who recently bought it from Yoshizawa Riko through me.

Owner's comment: The knife has a great balance in hand, it's more blade heavy and the balance point is about 4.5cm from the top of the ferrule.

Owner's comment: I love the thickness of the tang and how quickly it tapers off towards the tip of the knife. I have not seen this type of distal taper on any other knife.
所有者のコメント: 中子(なかご)の厚みがいい。また、切っ先に向かって急速に細くなっているのもいい。このようなテーパリングは他の包丁では見たことがない。

Owner's comment: even though it is a Kurouchi finish, the edge of the blade is mirror polished.

Owner comment: All in all, it's wonderfully brilliant

The owner is honest enough to point out "one not so positive point" about the knife.

Owner's comment: The knife has a tiny chip on the ferrule...
所有者のコメント: 口金に小さな傷がある

And, another point:
Owner's comment: the ferrule and the handle are not 'flush' together,
所有者のコメント: 口金と柄が同一平面でない


Owner’s comment: Obviously the positives by far outweight everything else,

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