October 11, 2018

Making Dried Persimmons in a Food Dehydrator/干し柿を食品乾燥機で作る

It takes at least two weeks to make dried persimmons if you hang peeled astringent persimmons to dry. By using a food dehydrator, you can make them in one week or so.
1. Peel astringent persimmons.
2. Hang them to dry outdoors or indoors for 3-5 days until semi-dried.
I prefer to hang them to dry indoors for hygiene reasons. To do so, select a well-ventilated space to prevent the persimmons from molding.
Note: Use a hanging method of your preference. For these particular ones, my father pierced them with skewers.
3. Transfer them to a food dehydrator and dehydrate them for 10-12 hours at 60 degrees C until fully dried.
You may want to rub each one with your fingers several times in the dehydrate process.
1. 渋柿の皮を剥きます。
2. 屋外または屋内で3~5日、半乾きになるまで干します。
注: 干し方はお好みで。この柿の場合、父は串に刺して干しました。
3. 食品乾燥機に移し、完全に乾くまで、10~12時間、摂氏60度で乾燥させます。
Persimmons before dehydrated
Persimmons after dehydrated


Morose Kitty said...

My folks love kaki but I have never understood the appeal. The squirrels seem to like it a lot however (my friend's garden). I think the most delicious fruit I have ever eaten was biwa from Japan. I looked for it when I came back to Canada and it was terrible here!!

Hiroyuki said...

Morose Kitty: Funny you mentioned biwa. Both my father and I, as well as many Japanese people, find biwa dull. I mean, they are not very sweet and rather expensive (at least here in Japan), and besides, they have too large seeds in them. Many non-Japanese people find dried persimmons similar to dried figs. As for me, I like nectarines the best of all fruits.