July 12, 2008

Nasu Miso/なす味噌

Nasu miso (eggplants panfried with miso and other seasonings) is a favorite of my wife's. In fact, it's one of her gohan no tomo (rice's companion). The nasu miso shown in the photo contains ginger, too, and is seasoned with miso, sugar, and mirin.


nakji said...

What is a gohan no tomo exactly? It looks delicious.

Hiroyuki said...

Typical examples are pickles like takuan and shibazuke, tsukudani, and furikake. A gohan no tomo is what you eat with a bowl of rice (usually piping hot), and you like the combination so much that you could almost say, "If I had this and piping hot rice, then I wouldn't want anything else!"
Ask a Japanese friend, and he/she may talk feverishly about his/her gohan no tomo.