May 30, 2011

Volume 6 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第六巻

List of episodes of Volume 6 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo:

72 Tomato wrapped in pork belly
73 Mugicha (barley tea)
74 Cucumber
75 Ginger-fried pork set meal
76 Gari-Gari-Kun ice candy
77 Consomme
78 Shinmai (new crop rice)
79 Matsutake mushroom
80 Mackerel simmered with miso
81 Geso age (tentacle fry)
82 Grilled onigiri (rice ball)
83 Hiyashi chuka (chilled Chinese noodles)
84 Chikuwa isobe age (tubular fish paste product coated with batter containing aonori (a type of seaweed) and deep-fried)
85 Ochazuke, again
Aside Bingo


72 豚バラトマト巻き
73 麦茶
74 キューリ
75 生姜焼き定食
76 ガリガリ君
77 コンソメスープ
78 新米
79 松茸
80 サバのみそ煮
81 ゲソ揚げ
82 焼きおにぎり
83 冷やし中華
84 ちくわの磯辺揚げ
85 再びお茶漬け
箸休め ビンゴ


Sissi said...

There was no episode with matsutake I think, but matsutake reminds me of my husband's short stay in Beijing, where he had it in a restaurant. He found intruiging the most expensive dish being a mushroom one. He told me it was the best mushroom he has ever had in his life and when I checked the name it was matsutake (of course it must taste better in Japan :-) )
I wish I was then with him...

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Matsutake is episode 79, where Master makes 土瓶蒸し "dobin mushi" (matsutake cooked in a tea pot)
like this:
(Japanese only)

It's kind of surprising that your husband liked matsutake. It is often said in Japan that Westerners hate the flavor of matsutake (because it smells to them like socks or pants!).

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, thank you for the link. Unfortunately there is no way I could buy matsutake here.
My husband is French... and he loves all the French smelly cheese types. The more it smells the more he likes it! He leaves them on purpose to mature for a long time so that they become so smelly I can't touch them (even though I like them when they are freshly bought!). He is also a big mushrooms fan. This explains probably why he liked matsutake so much!