May 30, 2011

Volume 3 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第三巻

List of episodes of Volume 3 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo:

30 Nabe yaki udon (udon cooked in a pot (donabe, iron pot, etc.))
31 Red weenies, again
Ryu-chan's memories of red weenies are revealed.
32 Boiled egg
33 Sharing (a meal) fifty-fifty
34 Butter rice (episode 5 of TV drama)
35 Kara age
36 Bamboo shoot
37 Gyoniku (fish meat) sausage
38 Harusame (bean vermicelli) salad
39 Short necked clam cooked in sake
40 Beef stroganoff
41 3-color furikake pack
42 Shallot pickled in sweet vinegar
43 Chikuwa (tubular fish paste product)
Aside Myouga (Japanese ginger)


30 鍋焼きうどん
31 再び赤いウインナー
32 ゆでたまご
33 半分こ
34 バターライス(テレビドラマの第五話)
35 唐揚げ
36 たけのこ
37 魚肉ソーセージ
38 春雨サラダ
39 あさりの酒蒸し
40 ビーフストロガノフ
41 ふりかけ3色パック
42 らっきょうの甘酢漬け
43 ちくわ
箸休め みょうが


Sissi said...

I'm looking at this part of your long list and it reminds me the episode where I saw the butter rice. When I was small I used to eat a lot of butter in sandwiches, but I stopped it a long time ago and butter became rare. I have also learnt to appreciate its taste and have become very difficult with butter (for example I never buy it in Switzerland, but go to buy it only in France, they have excellent butter).
As soon as I saw the rice and butter episode I made some Japanese rice and have put some butter and added some soy sauce. It was surprisingly good! A feel of simple home treat.
I also remember discovering the katsuobushi on rice with soy sauce (I don't remember the name of the dish and I don't see it on your lists, was it only in the film?). It has since then become my comforting quick meal. I love katsuobushi so much I sometimes eat a small handful of it alone, like a snack... I have bought a huge 500g bag with big shaved pieces. If I could buy the whole dried fish here and the shaver I would always make it fresh like in Shinya Shokudo.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Katsuobushi on rice with soy sauce is episode 3 in Volume 1. The title is neko manama (cat food).

It's hard to imagine why you can't get good butter in your country, which is well known for its cheese...

Sissi said...

It's strange isn't it? The Swiss gruyere cheese is excellent and when I arrived here I was surprised how the butter was bad... (we tasted even the most expensive, organic butters and both agreed with my husband there is no hope, even the cheapest supermarket brand French butter tastes better). Another country where the butter is awful and much much worse is Italy (which also has wonderful cheese varieties!). It tastes like soap. I had a friend who studied there for a year and she suffered so much every morning since she was used to jam and butter on toast for her breakfast. I went to visit her and, yes, the butter was inedible. On the other hand I suppose the Swiss and Italians must get used to their butter and don't complain.
I think the butter taste depends a lot not on the milk quality but on the technology used. And maybe also the producers don't try to make a different butter because the clients don't ask for it?
Thank you for the dish name. I would have never guessed this is the "cat food"! They haven't explained it in the film if I remember...