June 29, 2011

Aji Fry and Ham Katsu/アジフライとハムカツ

My today's petit zeitaku (small luxury) is...
One aji fry (95 yen) and one ham katsu (90 yen).

I went to buy them before noon to have them for lunch.

I had my aji fry with ponzu. The aji fry was very good!
And, I had my ham katsu with "sauce". As I mentioned previously, the term sauce, when used alone, usually means Worcester sauce. It can also mean chuunou sauce (medium thick sauce) or tonkatsu sauce. I personally like chuunou and tonkatsu sauces. Chuunou sauce is shown in the first photo.
The supermarket's flyer says it's atsu-giri (thickly cut) ham katsu. Really thick and delicious! That reminds me of episode 88, Ham Katsu, of the Shinya Shokudo manga, in which a customer says that he has had ham katsu for lunch for the first time in 30-odd years. He says the ham was a thick slice, and a good one. He is of the opinion that the ham in ham katsu should be thin.
In episode 97, Deep-fried items, a customer remarks, "After all, aji fries are best with sauce!" This guy also has tempura with sauce. He is from Yakayama in Kansai (Western Japan). To the surprise of the Kanto (Eastern Japan) people, there are many Kansai people who have tempura with sauce.
I was supposed to have these leftover pan-fried pork slices for lunch.
To be continued.


fred said...

Ham Katsu? never seen this before, but seems good!
Is it using canned Chinese ham or western ham?

Sissi said...

Is the aji fry fried in panco, like tonkatsu? It's another thing I can make with the small aji!
Ham Katsu must taste wonderful! I wonder why I have never seen it in a European country.

Fräulein Trude said...

I have never seen fried ham with panko-crust before. The only thing which reminds me of this kind of food ist fried Jagdwurst (very big sausage with huge ham content - http://www.partyservice-groenke.de/ximage/foto/produkte/produkte_jagdwurst_c.jpg It is an example with very low ham content..)

The thick cut sausage slices get dipped in flour, egg, panko/breadcrumbs and afterwards fried. It is called Jägerschnitzel I don't eat this Jagdwurst-Jägerschnitzel, my doctor would kill me because I have to be careful with daily (porc) fat intake :-)
But I would like to eat the fried fish very much - also forbidden :-(.

Sissi said...

Kiki, the link doesn't seem to work, but I looked for "jagdwurst" and I must say this is something my mother used to cut thick and fry with breadcrumbs. I hated it. (My mother is not German though, so maybe it's international? ) Anyway, I would have loved her to fry the real ham for me this way :-)
I try not to eat pork too often, I try to limit it to 2 times a week, but have never consulted a doctor about it...

Hiroyuki said...

fred, Sissi, and Kiki: I should have clarified first that the ham in Japan is not real ham. I'll post some photos of Japanese ham later.