June 11, 2011

Dish 6 Inspired by Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂をヒントに作った料理6

Episode 12, Cucumber pickled in rice bran, in Volume 1

In summer, Master likes to nibble a whole cucumber pickled in rice bran while drinking beer. He learned this style of having pickled cucumber from a female professional wrestler champion.
She used to have a whole pickled cucumber, but after she got a boyfriend, she asked Master to cut the cucumber (into small pieces). Master says, "When in love, women change." Her boyfriend gave her an engagement ring, and Master gave her some of his nukadoko.
After she gave birth to a baby, she made a comeback, and started to have a whole cucumber again.

I have learned the basics of making nukadoko (rice bran pickling bed) from various sites. Here is a summary of what I have done so far.

Ingredients for nukadoko
800 g iri nuka (roasted rice bran)
800 ml water
112 g salt
2 red peppers
10-cm square kombu
2 outer leaves of cabbage

You will need a container of an appropriate size (capacity of 3 liter or grater) with a lid.

煎りぬか 800 g
水 800 ml
塩 112 g
赤唐辛子 2本
昆布 10センチ四方


1. Put water in a pot, bring to a boil, and dissolve salt. Let it cool.
2. Put rice bran in a container, and add salt water in three parts, mixing after each.
(For mixing, I used a large spoon, not my hand.)
You will get miso-like paste.
3. Add kombu. Deseed and add red peppers.
(I cut red peppers into small pieces.)
4. Bury cabbage leaves in the nukadoko.
5. Put on the lid, and store at room temperature (> 20C).

1. 鍋に水を入れ、沸騰させ、塩を溶かし、冷まします。
2. ぬかを容器に入れ、塩水を3回に分けて入れます。毎回よく混ぜます。
3. 昆布を入れます。赤唐辛子は、種を取ってから、入れます。
4. ぬか床にキャベツの葉を埋めます。
5. 蓋をして、室温(20度以上)に置きます。

Day 1:
I made the nukadoko late at night.
Day 2:
The next morning, I stirred the nukadoko well with a small spoon with a long handle, and then patted it with my hand until flat. And, that night, I removed the cabbage leaves, threw them away, stirred the nukadoko thoroughly, and buried other cabbage outer leaves. Then, I patted the nukadoko with my hand until flat. I put on the lid.
Day 3:
I repeated the above steps, with daikon stems. (I removed the kombu just to show it to you. I put the kombu back in the nukadoko.)
Day 4:
I did the same.
Day 5:
I did the same.
Day 6:
At around 10:00 am, I decided to pickle two cucumbers.
Unfortunately, the container was not wide enough, so I cut each cucumber in half.
Then, I patted the nukadoko with my hand until flat.

Two hours later, I had one piece. Not pickled enough yet.
Four hours later, I took out all pieces, and pickled some carrot and daikon.
About four hours later, I took out all the daikon. I had some pickled carrot, and found it was not pickled enough yet, so I decided to keep it in the nukadoko

My first pickled cucumber and daikon:
The cucumber was just so so, but the daikon was not yet pickled enough.

To be continued.


Sissi said...

So much work! Thank you Hiroyuki for posting this recipe! I will follow your instructions very soon. I have just realised the rice bran I have found is not roasted. Either I'll roast it or I'll look for the roasted one in the Japanese shop (I think I saw it there too and since it must be sold for pickling it is probably roasted).

Fräulein Trude said...

I read once you need a starter for the rice bran bed to ferment sufficiently. Does your roasted rice bran contain the starter as "ready to go" product or do the cabbage leaves the job? In another blog the guy used a slice of white bread as starter - no cabbage leaves involved/harmed. I am struggling: horse food or pharmacy. Our Asia shops are in vietnamese, thai or chinese hands - not so many japanese products available. Lucky the guy with the bread showed how to roast the bran. Maybe your bran should have a few more days to mature or leave the veggies a night in the bran if you are not satisfied with the pickling taste. I pickled asparagus in white miso - we will have it tomorrow. Pickling is such a nice business. I love all kinds of pickled fruits/veggies.


Hiroyuki said...

Sissi and Kiki: I will post more details later, in a day or two, which will answer all of your questions and more.