April 14, 2013

Fukinoto and Yomogi Tempura/フキノトウとヨモギの天ぷら

Last night, my son said he wanted to have fukinoto tempura, so I decided to make fukinoto tempura, as well as yomogi (mugwort) tempura, for supper tonight, in place of my wife.
So, today, around noon, I went out to get some yomogi. Fortunately, my wife got a bag of fukinoko from her sister in the morning.
My kobushi tree almost bloomed.

I went to the river bank, but unfortunately, I found NO moyogi there!
Kanzo (daylilies) were too small to pick.

Fukinoto (butterbur sprouts):
Young shoots of itadori (Japanese knotweed):
There was hardly any snow left in the snow dumping site.
I remembered that I had some yomogi in my small yard.

You can see both tsukushi and sugina in the photo below.
Tsukushi and sugina are the same plant, horsetail. Because of the name, however, some Japanese seem to believe that sugina (sugi = cedar, na = greens) is related to cedar.

Luckily, I found these yomogi in my yard.
Before three thirty, I finished preparing the ingredients for tempura.


At five in the evening, I started to make tempura. I didn't use all the fukinoto or yomogi. Because I'm on a diet, I just can't continue to eat leaftover tempura for lunch for days.
I boiled the two packets (2 x 300 g) of inaka (lit. country) soba (buckwheat noodles) that I recently bouth at the 100-yen shop. Shown in the photo is about half the soba I boiled.
最近100円ショップで買った田舎そばを2パック(2 x 300 g)茹でました。 写真に写っているのは茹でたそばの約半分です。
The soba was much better than I had anticipated.

Fukinoto tempura is bitter, and you can have two or three pieces only. Like I said previously, I think that yomogi tempura is much better than shiso (perilla) tempura.


Fräulein Trude said...

You eat day lilies too? Which type of kanzo?
Here mugwort, bittercress, sorrel, dandelions and garlic mustard are sprouting in my garden (edible weeds). I learned we don't have the same mugwort (ours is much more bitter as in Japan) so I am not going to eat the leaves. But we use the blossoms as dried herb rub for goose dishes.
My plum tree and peach tree are flowering and the cherry and nashi will start soon - the next days I guess. Today we had + 25 C!

(And your magnolia has been pruned. The always tell don't prune magnolias trees, but I prune mine too before it is getting to big).

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I can't tell which type; I only know it's called kanzo.
See the 4th and 6th photos here:
It's really tasty.

If your mugwort is bitter, why not try to remove some of the bitterness by soaking in water for hours or overnight?

+25C? It's like summer!

Yes, pruned. It is obvious to you? I didn't want to, but I had to. Unfortunately, there are electric wires just above the tree, and besides, the big leaves are quite annoying in late autumn, when they fall.

Fräulein Trude said...

Concerning your post in 2010: Hard to tell which kind of lilies. Lily leaves are looking all the same (need a flower), but your son kept you quite buisy (laugh).

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: There are two varieties of kanzo in Japan, yabu kanzo and no kanzo. My son says he is not sure but thinks that the kanzo is yabu kanzo.

No kanzo: