April 20, 2013

My Orangettes/私のオランジェット

My natsumikan peels simmered with sugar taste great, but I wanted to have something similar to orangettes again. So, I made them in a very simple way yesterday, and today, I made another batch.

First I melted about 60 g chocolate for about 1 minute in the 700-W microwave.
まずは約60 gのチョコを700Wの電子レンジで約1分加熱しました。 
Then, I added a generous amount of previously made natsumikan peels.
Then, I mixed them all with a pair of chopsticks.
They may not look appetizing at all, but actually, they tasted so great that my children finished them off in no time at all (sad).


read this said...

The final appearance of the food looks so bad but as what at you say it may look like that but it tastes good. I would like to try this out since it's a Japanese food which I love. Thanks!

Hiroyuki said...

read this: Thanks for your comment. Mine are not properly coated with chocolate, but are as tasty as authentic ones, and are advantageous in that they have less chocolate on them and, therefore, have lower calories. (I'm still on a diet).

(Orangettes are not traditional Japanese sweets.)