June 14, 2013

#5000 Whetstone/#5000の砥石

Just a quick note to tell you that I am an owner of a #5000 whetstone.
This particular whetstone requires 10-min. pre-soaking.
I enjoyed sharpening these seven knives with this stone.
Watanabe Blade stainless steel petty knife
My wife uses it every day.
Global santoku
It's also used by my wife every day.
Watanabe Blade sashimi knife
Watanabe Blade mukimono knife
Watanabe Blade santoku
Shigefusa nakiri
Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife
I later cut tomatoes with these knives to check how well they cut. All the knifes cut very well, especially the Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife. I found this one almost scary.


muskratbyte said...

Your knife collection is amazing! I've been looking for a decent sharpening stone, but they are SO expensive!

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, all your photos make me dream... I have already seen some of your knives but I have impression that the collection is bigger :-) I am really impressed! Also by the stone.
By the way, I have just opened the package. The knife is the most beautiful I have ever had in my life. It is so light, it feels like plastic! Which is great for me. I was afraid that the "Japanese" handle would be uncomfortable, but it seems to be made for my hand... I love the three corners of the handle.
I have heard that such commercial knives never arrive very sharp, so I wonder how this one will be when it will be very sharp because I have cut a tomato (I have also thought it's a perfect test!) and I feel like cutting 20 more tomatoes haha! It felt like cutting a custard. Incredible. I cannot even imagine given the cheapness of my knife, how your Watanabe or Shigefusa or Global cut. In short, I'm having lots of fun. Unfortunately, not much stuff to cut for tonight but I am already in love with this knife.
I feel that it also has a slightly different edge from for example my French chef's knife. It cuts in a slightly different way (apart from better quality!). Ok I will go now to the kitchen and see what else I can cut.
It's funny because there is no number mentioned on my whetstone (not even Japanese number), nor on the package; luckily there is the model nr and it corresponds to 400 and 1000 on KAI website.
Thank you again so much for all your precious help, advise and patience.

Fräulein Trude said...

Maybe I could get fond of japanese knives again just looking at your collection.
Scared? If the knife is very sharp you will not feel the cut at all, it only hurts afterwards. But most of the time a knife lacking sharpness will cause trouble while taking a blood toll.

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbye: I bought this one for 3,903 yen from Amazon. I'm glad that I now have all three types of whetstones, rough, medium, and finishing.

Sissi: I AM glad that you liked your knife!
I'm looking forward to hearing your first report on your first use of your whetstone!

Kiki: Well, a very sharp knife is as scary as a dull knife.