September 12, 2014

Kuri Okowa, at Last!/やっと、栗おこわが!

When my family stayed with my parents in the O-bon period in mid-August, my father told me he wouldn't be able to send us any chestnuts this fall, partly because one of his chestnut trees had collapsed due to a typhoon. Luckily, however, he did send us some chestnut two days ago, so today, I made kuri okowa for the very first time this fall. (My wife did the peeling.)


Patrick said...


What a great Fall dish.I never had the chance to try kuriokawa when I lived in Japan. ��

Maybe I'll try to make it myself. Is mochi rice the same as sushi rice?

Hiroyuki said...

Patrick: Thanks for your comment.

Mochi rice, i.e., glutinous rice, is completely different from "sushi rice" in texture.

Patrick said...

Thanks for the info, Hiroyuki! One New Years Day in Japan I pounded mochi with a giant mallet. But I never knew it was made from a different type of rice! Hopefully I can find mochi gome AND fresh chestnuts to make kuriokowa!