February 12, 2015

Kono's Coffee Dripper Used in Finland/フィンランドで使われているコーノのコーヒードリッパー

Just wanted to share a YouTube video, which is the part of the famous TV show, "Wafu Sou-Honke", that features Kono's Coffee Dripper. View the video at 1:45 and after.

It's interesting to see Kono's Coffee Dripper used overseas. Finland has the world's largest per capita consumption of coffee, so probably the Finnish people know exactly what good coffee is.


Laura said...

Here in Finland most coffee is light roast drip coffee, which has a very bitter taste. Sadly, I think the Finns drink coffee quantity over quality. People trust famous brands because "This is what we have always drank" instead of venturing to buy their own beans, new roasts etc. Of course there are quality coffee and even tea shops to buy these special roasts or fresh beans, but I imagine a layman wouldn't care about these. Especially workmen drink very strong, almost burnt coffee, which tastes horrible! I found Japanese coffee much better, even canned coffee was delicious compared to those.

Hiroyuki said...

Laura: Thank you for such a quick comment!
Maybe the grass is greener on the other side..., but it's really interesing to see Kono's dripper used in Finland and to know that at least some Finnish people appreciate the true value of Kono's dripper. (I'm a fan of Matsuya's dripper, though.)