August 30, 2015

D312 Arch of Life, Revisted/D312 人生のアーチ、再訪

Today, I revisited D312 Arch of Life because I really like this particular artwork and I wanted to take better photos of it.
今日は、D312 人生のアーチを再訪しました。この作品が本当に好きなので、もっといい写真を撮りたいと思って。

Two benches have been installed on the site.

The only downside of this artwork is that these plants require a lot of maintenance.
(I was a bit disappointed by the lack of proper maintenance.)

I recently found a very interesting video (Japanese only) on YouTube, where Fram Kitagawa talks about this and other artworks in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. At 2:30, he says that this particular artwork should be worth 10 billion (yen).

Regardless of its "market value", I like this artwork!


okasan said...

Has the artist added new artwork to his collection? His concept reminds me of the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo Norway. This one is about the generations of life.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Thanks for the link, but I just can't reach the one you mentioned from the site you linked to.
Here's a photo of another artwork by the same artists, with the same title, Arch of Life:

okasan said...

Thanks for the link, interesting work. Sorry that you can't open the one i sent earlier. I hope you can open this one. I really like the work of Gustav Vigeland as each sculpture has a meaning. Each piece makes you think about what the artist is trying to express. This site has many samples of his work displayed in the park. The most famous one is the boy having a temper tandrum.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Thanks for the link. Now I can see the works you were talking about. And, yes, they are spectacular!