August 2, 2015

Some of the Artworks I Saw at Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015/大地の芸術祭2015で見た作品の一部

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale offers about 380 old and new artworks, which are scattered in a very wide area of 760 km2. Here are photos of some of the tens of artworks I saw on August 1.
To learn about a specific artwork, go to Artworks page of the official website and enter the artwork number, such as D307, in the space provided, and click the Search button.

大地の芸術祭には、新旧の作品が約380もあり、それが760 km2というとても広いエリアに散らばっています。8月1日に見た数十の作品の幾つかの写真を載せます。

T314 Completed conjecture
T314 憶測の成立
This artwork requires some explanation: The whole building ("coin laundry" or launderette) is an artwork. The staff member lets you inside the building, and says, "This is not the exit. Find the exit!" You have to find the exit to get out.

If you are lucky enough to find the exit, you can get out of the building from here, after feeling strong deja vu.
I won't let out the secret for now.

T307 Penglai/Horai
T307 蓬莱山

T303 Golden Repair
T303 最後に継ぐ家

This dilapidated house will be demolished after the Art Triennale is over. After all this decoration?