October 28, 2015

Shigefusa Kitaeji 210-mm Wa (Japanese Style) Gyuto/重房鍛地210 mm和牛刀

Someone ordered a Shigefusa kitaeji 210-mm wa gyuto with a saya from Yoshizawa Riko through me in November last year, and he waited impatiently for almost one year until it reached him this October. He kindly sent me these photos, along with some comments and questions.
去年の11月、誰かが重房鍛地210 mm和牛刀と鞘(さや)を吉沢利工に私を通して注文し、ほぼ1年、今年の10月に届くまで辛抱強く待っていました。コメント、質問と共に次の写真を送ってくれました。

As I mentioned several times in my blog, the time to delivery is now one year for custom-made Shigefusa knives.


Unknown said...

hello, can I order the same knife?

Hiroyuki said...

Dickson Cheng:

Check out this thread:

Let me remind you that the waiting time is at least two years.

Send an inquiry request at