October 6, 2015

Urabeni Hotei Shimeji/ウラベニホテイシメジ

Last Sunday, a nephew of mine and his mother went to Nagaoka to attend a mushroom observation event. They were lucky enough to find urabeni hotei shimeji (Entoloma sarcopum). They were very generous, and gave some of them to my son.
My son decided to boil them to remove the worms from them. Another common way is to soak them in dense salt water.
Boiled for 2-3 minutes.
WARNING:  Kusaura benitake (Entoloma rhodopolium), which is poisonous, looks very much like this mushroom.
警告: クサウラベ二タケという毒キノコがこのキノコによく似ています。

On the same day, I went mushroom hunting in mountains nearby and got some bunahari take (Mycoleptodonoides aitchisonii), among others.
We also boiled them to remove the worms.

The next day, at the request of my son, I stir-fried one half of each mushroom, together with some chicken thigh.
次の日、 息子のリクエストで、それぞれのきのこを半分を、鶏の胸肉と一緒に炒めました。
Also at the request of my son, I made clear soup with the other half of each mushrooms.
My son liked them both very much, and said the stir-fry was very delicious. This is the seasoning I used to make the stir-fry:
Somi Shantan.
This product used to be sold under the name of Weipa.

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