January 12, 2012

My Award-Winning Recipe for Mushroom Bibimbap/受賞したレシピ「きのこビビンバ」

Just a short note to tell you that I won the Special Award with my mushroom bibimbap recipe (Japanese only) in the recipe contest conducted by the Uonuma Kinoko and Sansai Promotion Association.


I'll provide more details of the recipe when I have more free time. Features of my recipe include the use of a single frying pan only (and two bowls).

Edited to add the recipe on Jan. 16:
Recipe title: Kinoko Bibimbap
Ingredients for 8 servings

400 g ground pork

1 pack oyster mushrooms
1 pack eryngii mushrooms

1 bunch spinach
1 pack bean sprouts
1/2 carrot

400 g kimchi

Seasonings * As I mentioned in the Comment field, taste after adding kimchi to decide how much seasonings to add.
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp mirin
2 tbsp "Kimchee Base"

Sesame oil

Note: Use a single large frying pan (diameter of 28 cm or greater). Two bowls are necessary.


1. Put a large amount of water in a frying pan, and put on the stove.
2. Cut carrot into julienne strips and put in a colander.
3. Cut spinach into 3 cm lengths and put in another colander.
4. Wash bean sprouts and put in the colander containing spinach.
5. Cut oyster mushrooms into appropriate size. Cut eryngii mushrooms into julienne strips of the same size as "zenmai" (flowering fern sprouts).
6. When the pan comes to a boil, put carrot. 1 min. later, add spinach and bean sprouts (with the carrot kept in the pan), and boil for 2 min. Put in a colander to drain. Cool with cold water and squeeze.
7. Lightly wash the frying pan used in 1., wipe off moisture, put ground pork, turn on the heat, and fry (no oil required).
8. When the pork is nearly cooked (it need not be fully cooked), add the vegetables in 6., put on a lid, heat on medium heat for about 1 min. to fully cook pork.
9. Add kimchi, mix well, and taste. Decide on the amounts of soy sauce, mirin, and Kimchee Base to add.
(I decided to add 2 tbsp of each because it needed some saltiness and spiciness.)
10. Finally, sprinkle sesame oil for flavoring.

Cooking time: 20 min. if you do quickly by following the Directions.
Comment: Bibimbap is very popular among local elementary and junior high school students. Recently, it is more popular than curry. I had heard what it was like, and this year, I visited the Kyushoku (School Lunch) Center to see how bibimbap and other dishes were made. I sampled bibimbap for the first time and was able to confirm what it tasted like. Later, I made it with almost the same recipe at home, which delighted my children. Subsequently, I make it with some changes in my own way. This time, I made it using oyster mushrooms as the main mushroom and eryngii as a substitute for zenmai. The cooking time and the ease of cooking are important factors for me, so I decided to make it with a single frying pan. (Two colanders are necessary). I started making it past five, and completed it at 5:25.
I have a slight metabolic syndrome and hypertension, and I am currently losing weight, so out of concern for calories and salt content, I fried ground pork without oil, and I did not add seasonings at this point, tasted after adding kimchi and decided how much seasonings to add. I used home-made, not-so-spicy kimchi, so I added some Kimchee Base, but if you use store-bought spicy kimchi, you won't need Kimchee Base. You can add gochujang instead. If you don't want to make it spicy, add some Japanese miso. Sprinkling sesame oil at the last minute is a trick of mine to make its flavor stand out not in the kitchen but on the table.

Note:  While translating the original recipe written in Japanese, I found that I had mixed up the two words zaru (colander) and bowl.  I should have written, "Two colander and bowl sets are necessary."   
レシピタイトル きのこビビンバ
材料・分量 (8人前)
豚の挽き肉 400 g

ヒラタケ 1パック
エリンギ 1パック

ほうれん草 一把
もやし 1パック
にんじん 1/2本

キムチ 400 g

しょう油 大さじ2
みりん 大さじ2
キムチの素 大さじ2


注: 大きなフライパン(直径28 cm以上)一つで作ります。ボールは2つくらい必要。
作り方 1. フライパンに水をたっぷり入れ、火にかける。
2. にんじんは千切りにして、ざるにあげる。
3. ほうれん草は3cmの長さに切り、洗い、別のざるにあげる。
4. もやしは洗い、ほうれん草と同じざるにあげる。
5. ひらたけは適当な大きな切る。エリンギは「ゼンマイ」と同じ太さに千切りにする。キムチは適当な大きさに切る。
6. 沸騰したら、にんじんを入れる。1分後(にんじんは鍋に入れたまま)、ほうれん草ともやしを入れ、2分茹でる。ざるにあげ、水を切り、冷水で冷まし、絞っておく。
7. 1.と同じフライパンを軽く洗い、水分をふき取り、豚の挽き肉を入れ、火をつけ、炒める(油は入れない)。
8. 大体火が通ったら(完全に火が通らなくてもよい)、6.の野菜を入れ、蓋をして、1分程度中火で加熱し、豚肉に完全に火を通す。
9. キムチを入れ、よく混ぜ、味見する。ここで入れるしょう油、みりん、キムチの素の量を決める。
10. 最後に香り付けにごま油を振りかける。

料理時間 「作り方」の順序どおりテキパキやれば、20分。
コメント 給食の献立として地元の小中学生に大人気のビビンバ。最近ではカレーより人気があります。どんなものか大体は聞いていましたが、今年、給食センターでビビンバなどがどのように作られるのか見学し、また初めて試食をして、どんな味か確認することができました。その後、家でもほぼ同じレシピーで作ってみて、子供たちに喜ばれました。その後は、自分なりにアレンジして作っています。今回は、メインのきのことしてヒラタケ、ゼンマイの代わりとしてエリンギを使って、作ってみました。料理時間と料理の手軽さも私にとっては重要な要素なので、今回は、一つのフライパンで作ることにしました(ざるは2つ)。5時過ぎに始めて、5:25には完成しました。

注: 日本語で書いた元のレシピを訳している最中、ざるとボールをごちゃ混ぜに使っていることに気付きました。「ボールとざるがそれぞれ2つ必要」と書くべきでした。


muskratbyte said...

I can't wait! That looks delicious! I'm a huge fan of bibimbop. There's a local Korean restaurant that I go to, I've never actually made it.

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: I shouldn't keep you waiting and then disapoint you at the end.

The recipe is almost the same as this one:
I simply made some modifications so I need only a single frying pan.

muskratbyte said...

ありがとう!It's such a coincidence that I made mushrooms tonight too! I actually uploaded pictures to my blog.

Sissi said...

Congratulations, Hiroyuki! I am looking forward to read the details of the recipe.

Fräulein Trude said...

Congratulations! It looks very appetizing.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi and Kiki: Thank you both. As I said above, the recipe is just a simple one.

muskratbyte said...

I'm a fan of anything with mushrooms!

I meant to ask you Hiroyuki-san, have you ever seen "Cooking with Dog" on youtube? It's one of my favorites!


Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: Yes, several times, always wondering who the male voice is.

Hiroyuki said...

I finally got around to posting the recipe!

okasan said...

おめでとうございます!美味しそうなきのこビビンバ!It looks yummy, can't wait to try it.

Hiroyuki said...

okasa: Thank you! I hope you make any necessary modifiations to suit your taste!

Mack Shepperson said...

The recipe looks yummy! My wife and I love bibimbop food! I must try this sometime - maybe on our anniversary! The recipe looks very simple to do, and the pictures made me feel hungry, LOL.

Hiroyuki said...

Mack Shepperson: Yes, very simple, and I can think of very simple recipes only!