January 20, 2012

Ramen Nabe/ラーメン鍋

The last mushrooms (shiitake) went into ramen nabe after all.

I finely chopped the steams of the shiitake and put them in the tsukune.
I cooked the nabe entirely on the gas stove in the kitchen.
except some tsukune.
I put a total of three servings of instant tonkotsu ramen noodles.
Cheap but surprisingly tasty!


muskratbyte said...

Did you use the flavoring packet that came with the noodles?

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: Yes, I did. We started having the nabe (seasoned lightly with instant dashi and salt) without ramen noodles, and after the initial tsukune were gone, we added more tsukune, two servings of ramen noodles, and two supplied packets. We later added another serving of ramen noodles (but not the supplied packet).

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Hiroyuki said...

Engineers Love Cooking: Thank you for your invitation. I have just visted your blog. I know nothing about Malaysian cuisine. I hope I can learn it from you!

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