January 14, 2012


I made tanindon as part of supper tonight.

First of all, when I deep-fried pork balls yesterday evening, I remembered Sissi's comment about how to keep tempura warm. So, I tried to keep the pork balls warm in the toaster oven after deep-frying them.
Tanin = Stranger(s)
Pork and eggs are strangers, right? (laugh)
Don is short for donburi (large rice bowl).
Tanindon is a variation of oyakodon.
Oyako = Parent and child
Chicken and eggs are parent and child, right (laugh)
Note: Tanindon may use beef, instead of pork.

他人 = Stranger(s)
親子 = Parent and child
注: 他人丼は豚肉ではなく、牛肉を使う場合があります。

Ingredients for 6 servings
2 medium onion
300 g thinly sliced pork

300 ml water
1/2 tsp instant dashi
75 ml soy sauce
75 ml mirin
(Dashi, soy sauce, and mirion ratio = 4:1:1)
1 knob ginger, grated

6-8 eggs

玉ねぎ 中 2個
豚の薄切り 300 g

水 300 ml
出汁の素 小さじ1/2
しょう油 75 ml
みりん 75 ml
(出汁、しょう油、みりんの割合= 4:1:1)
おろした生姜 1かけ

卵 6~8個

For details of how to make tanindon, search my blog for oyakodon and simply substitute pork for chicken.
This time, I used a frying pan to make tanindon for 6 servings at a time, not an oyakonabe to make tanindon for one serving at a time. Nevertheless, the resulting tanindon was as tasty.
Note that my family had the tanindon (I mean, tanindon topping) as a side dish.


Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I'm so happy to see tanindon here too! It looks delicious. And I see I'm not the only one who likes pork with ginger :-)
I hope the pork balls kept their warmth in the oven.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Pork and ginger are a powerful combination! For example, pork fried with ginger (buta no shouga yaki 豚の生姜焼き) is very easy to make yet very flavorful.

Yes, thanks to your suggestion, I successfully kept the pork balls warm until we had them!