May 29, 2009

Strawberries and Slugs!!/イチゴとナメクジ

This is all I got from the small vegetable garden around the house this morning.

I have to harvest them before they become fully matured. Otherwise, the slugs will eat them! I have to consider ways to keep away those pests. I have done a quick search, and I have found beer, coffee, and coffee grounds are suggested among others. I think I'll try coffee grounds first.
11 planter boxes:

One SFG box:

SFG stands for square foot gardening. I once followed this method of growing vegetables, but not now.
The variety shown in these two photos is Akihime.
And, this in an unknown variety, given to me from a neighbor:


Jia Hue said...

Hello, I happened upon you blog from you postings in egullet. These are great. I had read Elizabeth Andoh book on Japanese cooking so I have become interested in these.
You have a wonderful garden, one anti slug measure involves using ducks but I do not know whether you are allowed poultry in your area. The ducks love slugs and you get eggs out of it.

Hiroyuki said...

Jia Hue: Thanks for your comments, but ducks!? I live in a rural area of Japan, but it's a residential area, so I don't think I can keep ducks around my house (laugh)!
Salt, copper, beer, coffee, coffee grounds..., and ducks!
This is becoming interesting!

Erin said...

I also happened upon your blog via egullet--my boyfriend and I were trying to make karaage and the karaage thread and you hints were invaluable =)

My family in the USA grows a variety of fruits and vegetables in their years. Coffee ground have worked very well for us. Many coffee shops are happy to give you their used grounds for free if you explain what you're using them for. It saves on waste and recycles. Even Starbucks seems to be more than happy to recycle their used grounds! Good luck!

Hiroyuki said...

Erin: Thanks for your comments! You like delicious and crunchy things?! How interesting!