May 21, 2009

Supper on May 21/5月21日の夕食

For supper last night, my wife "grilled" some capelin in the toaster oven. In Japan, capelin are usually sold under the false name of shishamo.
I have never had real shishamo in my life!

And, for supper tonight, my wife made daikon kinpira. The ingredients are daikon, carrots, and satsuma age (a type of fish paste). She seasoned it with sugar first, added some sake and put on the lid to "steam" it, and then added soy sauce. Finally, she added mirin to give it luster.

Another side dish was onion slices. We had it with ponzu and mayonnaise, as usual.

We also had this dish, daikon leaf goma ae (boiled daikon leaves dressed with ground sesame seeds, etc.), which I made this morning.

It may not look yummy, but it is. My son likes it very much.
We also had leftover grilled capelin. You can see some roe in this photo.

And, tonight's main dish is inada sashimi!

Inada refers to young and small yellowtail (less fatty), younger than hamachi (young yellowtail) and buri (adult yellowtail). The term hamachi can also refer to cultured adult yellowtail.


pink said...

Wow, everything looks so good! I am drooling at the sashimi!

I really like shishamo, too. But it has to have the roe in it to be good. :)

pink said...

By the way, what is "real" shishamo? I always thought those ARE shishamo.

Hiroyuki said...

pink: What is "real" shishamo? That's what I want to know! I've never had real shishamo! Capelin are similar to shishamo in shape but not in flavor.
Anyway, capelin are good in their own way, and I like them!

pink said...

That's so interesting! So all this time, I have been having capelin, not shishamo. I have been fooled. :)