January 16, 2013

Fish Snack/魚のスナック

I made some fish snack in the afternoon, using the niboshi I previously bought at a 100-yen shop plus another pack and following this recipe.
The weight of the niboshi was 25 + 40 = 65 g, so I adjusted the amounts of sugar and water accordingly.
I'm currently on a diet, and I sometimes crave for something like this.
煮干しの重量は25 + 40 = 65 gなので、砂糖と水の量はそれに合わせて調節しました。

In Japan, this kind of fish snack is often combined with almonds.  I wasn't sure how such snacks were called.  I did some googling and found they were called: 
almond fish
fish almond
kozakana almond
(kozakana = small fish)
almond kozakana


Sissi said...

I love small salted fish in a bag of different snacks (I think there are also rice snacks in it, coated peanuts...). I didn't like however the one with almonds: it was too sweet for me. These home-made snacks look delicious! And so healthy when compared to the snacks I usually crave ;-)

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I do crave high-calorie snacks, too, but I refrain from having them when I face the fact that I have to lose about 70 g a day to lose 0.5 kg a week and 2 kg a month.

Sissi said...

I admire your discipline! I have also been trying to eat lighter (not easy during the winter when I am constantly hungry...).