January 17, 2013

Kiri Boshi Daikon/切干し大根

Left:  Home-made wari boshi daikon
Right:  Home-made kiri boshi daikon, which I made with the julienne peeler I recently bought
Top:  Store-bought kiri boshi daikon for comparison
左: 自家製割り干し大根
右: 自家製切干し大根(最近買った千切りピーラーで作ったもの)
上: 比較のため市販の切干し大根
The wari boshi daikon took two days to make, while the kiri boshi daikon took one day, both in my workroom.

My wife simmered the kiri boshi daikon with dried shiitake, carrot, and uchi mame (lit. bean beans).
The home-made kiri boshi daikon was a great success.


Sissi said...

I have made it! (You don't see me but I'm jumping with joy). Thank you so much for the inspiration and the recipe! Hari hari zuke is a real revelation! It's incredibly good and I have fallen in love with the texture (it reminds me a bit of dried squid I bought in 7/11 in Tokyo). I had it yesterday as a side dish with okonomiyaki: just perfect. I have dried only one leftover, wilted daikon, but now I am going to buy several kilos of daikon and dry them for more batches.
I have taken photos and will soon post the results. Thanks again.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I'm glad you liked it, because I like harihari zuke, too, mainly because of its unique texture! Believe it or not, dried squid is also a common ingredient of hariharizuke, so is kazunoko (herring roe), as you can see here:
(Japanese only)

I hope I can make such a gorgeous version one day (laugh)!

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I'm sure I would love it with squid. I'm also sure you can make a better version than the one you have linked to :-)