January 18, 2013

Koya Dofu/高野豆腐

I used the koya dofu (freeze-dried tofu) that I had purchased at a 100-yen shop to make miso soup.  I was a little surprised that koya dofu contained more fat than I had imagined.
Koya dofu per 90 g
Energy:  489 kcal
Protein:  46.5 g
Fat:  33.4 g
こうや豆腐90 gあたり
エネルギー: 489 kcal
タンパク質: 46.5 g
脂質: 33.4 g
For comparison, kuruma fu (a type of wheat gluten) contains per 100 g:
Energy:  386 kcal
Protein:  26.7 g
Fat:  2.1 g
比較のため、車麩には100 g当たり
エネルギー: 386 kcal
タンパク質: 26.7 g
脂質: 2.1 g 
Miso soup with 2 blocks of koya dofu, chopped naganegi, and wakame.
I'm not a big fan of koya dofu because its spongy texture.  My father, who comes from Nagano (Shinshu), is a huge fan of it.


Sissi said...

I will be frank: koya dofu looks introguing and I really like tofu, but since it has as many calories as a bar of chocolate, I would prefer my Swiss dark chocolate instead ;-) (I'm not sure... maybe the 72% cocoa, good quality one would be healthier than this tofu...).

Fräulein Trude said...

This tofu has more calories than fat cheese. I know, tofu is not lean, but this level surprises me. Besides, I have never seen koya dofu before.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi and Kiki: Koya dofu is as healthy as regular tofu because it's made by freeze-drying tofu. Consider freeze-dried coffee. When reconstituted, koya dofu will absorb liquid, expanding slightly and increasing in weight, thereby reducing the calories per gram.
In fact, there is a thing called "koya dofu diet" in Japan. Koya dofu is high in dietary fiber and is quite filling. Besides it contains a large amount of amino acid.

Anyway, in days of old, koya dofu, as well as fu, was a valuable source of protein.