January 11, 2013

Purchases at a 100-yen Shop/100円ショップで買った物

Now that my wife is the main cook in the house, I don't have much to post about lately.  I do some odd jobs around the kitchen that my wife wouldn't do.  Today, I went to the 100-yen shop nearby to get a julienne peeler.  I also bought some other things, like these:
Top, from left to right:  Niboshi (simmered and dried sardines), koya dofu (freeze dried tofu), maple syrup
Bottom, from left to right:  Walnuts, cloud ear mushrooms, julienne peeler
上、左から右: 煮干し、高野豆腐、メープルシロップ
下、左から右: クルミ、木耳(きくらげ)、千切りピーラー
30-cm dia. sieve and bowl (100 yen each)
直径30 cmのザルとボール(それぞれ100円)
I'm going to make kiriboshi daikon with the peeler, and make furikake with the mushrooms and walnuts.


Sissi said...

I also have a julienne peeler and I remember I first saw it on your blog. I was so surprised and happy to see that in a "normal" Swiss shop here!
Otherwise I love 100 yen shops... I spent at least 6 hours in several branches (during only one week!) in Tokyo. I have even bought some herb seeds which were even cheaper than 100 yen... and even shichimi togarashi (which proved quite good!) because it was the only place selling it in bags (and it was important I didn't add useless additional weight to my luggage...). The bowls I bought there are as beautiful as the ones I saw much more expensive elsewhere.

Fräulein Trude said...

100-yen Shops are full of treasures. I will remember to visit some.
I hope you are happy with your wife as the main cook now, but I am a little sad because you won't give us that much interesting information about japanese cooking anymore. So hopefully you are aloud to cook now and than.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: That is the first julienne peeler (with a zigzag blade) that I have bought. I have several potato peelers (with a straight blade), though, all bought from a 100-yen shop (laugh).

I guess you could spend a whole day in a large 100-yen shop (laugh).

Kiki: I will cook sometimes, on Saturdays and Sundays, for example. I already have a list of dishes that I want to make (laugh).

David said...

If you have time, do you think you can give the recipe for your furikake? I have been bringing rice to work and a homemade topping would be so nice. Thank you!

Hiroyuki said...

David: I will post about it in a day or two!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.

Hiroyuki said...

Anonymous: You are welcome!