April 27, 2016

Clear Soup with Dried Enoki and Eggs/干しえのきと卵のお澄まし(澄まし汁)

When I went to my son's apartment in Tokyo on April 23, I taught him how to make clear soup with dried enoki and eggs.

1.2 liter water
2 tsp instant dashi
1 tsp salt
Appropriate amount of dried enoki
1 or 2 eggs
Small amount of soy sauce
水 1.2リットル
出汁の素 小さじ2
塩 小さじ1
干しえのき 適量
卵 1個または2個
しょう油 少量

Dried enoki that I gave to my son:
This particular dried enoki is not for sale; I asked the enoki producer nearby to give some dried enoki for my son, and she kindly gave me three such bags!
Put water in a pot, add some enoki, instant dashi, and salt, bring the pot to a boil, and simmer for a few minutes.

Beat eggs with a pair of cooking chopsticks. Turn the heat high, and pour beaten eggs little by little, while constantly stirring the soup with chopsticks. Simmer for a 20-30 seconds until the eggs are fully set.
Put some soy sauce for flavoring.

I forgot to take the resultant soup...

I went to my parents' house in Chiba on that day, stayed there for one night, and went back to my son's apartment on April 24 to make some improvement in the kitchen, using items I bought from a 100-yen shop.