March 23, 2017

Sunomono (Vinegared Dish) of Wakame and Cucumbers/わかめときゅうりの酢の物

Wakame seaweed is often combined with cucumbers to make a sunomono (vinegared dish). My version is a combination of wakame and sliced cucumbers, plus some other ingredients like canned corn and fake crab meat ("kanikama", known as surimi in France and other countries), seasoned with a 1:3 mixture of sugar and vinegar. For wakame, I usually use a cheap, imported product. My parents' version is simpler, just a combination of wakame and cucumber, but is seasoned with much more sugar and vinegar. As for wakame, my father insists that fresh wakame be used.
So, I had to buy a pack of fresh wakame the other day.
Usually, fresh wakame is salted, and must be rinsed with several changes of water.
Then cut it into manageable sizes.
In a mixing bowl, I added 1/3 fresh wakame and 3 sliced cucumbers.
Then, I asked my father to season them with sugar and vinegar. I was surprised to see the generous amounts of sugar and vinegar he added to the bowl.

Well, way too sweet for my taste.

Images of wakame cucumber sunomono/わかめ きゅうり 酢の物の画像

March 11, 2017

Recipe for Special Curry/特別なカレーのレシピ

I have already talked about this recipe here in my blog. My parents like this special, lard-rich curry thickened with potatoes so much that I have decided to post the recipe.
3 onions
1 medium carrot
3 potatoes
1/2 Java Curry AND
1/2 Vermont Curry
700 ml water (not 1,300 or 1,400 ml)
300 g thinly sliced pork
玉ねぎ 3個
ニンジン(人参、にんじん) Mサイズ 1本
ジャガイモ 3個
ジャワカレー 1/2箱
バーモントカレー 1/2箱
水 700 ml(1,300や1,400 mlではなく)
薄切りの豚肉 300 g
1. In a pot, put 700 ml water. Put the pot on the stove and turn on the heat.
2. Cut carrot and add it to the pot.
3. Cut onions and add them to the pot.
1. 鍋に水を700 ml入れ、コンロにかけ、火を点ける。
2. ニンジンを切り、鍋に入れる。
3. 玉ねぎを切り、鍋に入れる。 
4. Peel potatoes, dice, and add to the pot.
4. じゃがいもの皮をむき、さいの目に切り、鍋に入れる。
5. When the pot comes to a boil, turn down the heat.
6. In 5 minutes, add pork.
7. Simmer for another 5 minutes (5 + 5 = 10 minutes in total).
5. 沸騰したら、火を弱める。
6. 5分後、豚肉を入れる。
7. さらに5分(合計5 + 5 = 10分)煮る。

8. Turn off the heat. Mash part or all of the potatoes with the back of the ladle.
8. 火を止め、お玉の裏側でジャガイモを一部または全部、潰す。
9. Add 2 types of curry roux.
9. 2種類のカレールーを入れる。
10. Turn on the heat to low, and mix the roux.
10. 火を点けて、弱火にして、ルーを混ぜる。

March 8, 2017

Decent Drip Coffee/まともなドリップコーヒー

I've been staying at my parents' house for more than four months now, and one of the things I miss is a cup of coffee that I used to brew from freshly ground coffee beans almost every day.
Yesterday, I went shopping and found this product.
 "19 yen per cup..., I might as well give it a try," I thought. This is not the first time that I have tried such a product. I know that it can produce passable coffee. 

Just tear off the top of a bag, and place the bag inside a mug.
Pour a small amount of hot water for blooming, leave for 20 seconds or so, and pour the rest of the water.

The resultant coffee was not bad. In fact, it was quite good!
Note that such products have been around for decades, and are nothing to write home about. I would not write about them if I had not viewed YouTube videos such as this and this.

March 7, 2017


This year, my father was lucky enough to win second prize with a New Year's greeting card with a lottery number. With the 39 different products to choose from, he selected this one:
10 sevings of champon

According to the instructions, I first boiled the dried champon noodles for 3 minutes.
I then rinsed the noodles with water and drained.
In a fyring pan, I put the supplied oil and added
1/4 head of cabbage
1 bag of bean sprouts
1/4 large carrot
2 chikuwa (tubular fish paste, in place of kamaboko)
200 g seafood
Some pork
シーフード200 g
In a pot, I put 300 ml x 4 = 1,200 ml water and 4 packets of broth. When the ingredients in the frying pan were done, I added them to the pot.
鍋に、水を300 ml x 4 = 1,200 ml入れ、スープを4袋入れました。フライパンの中の具に火が通ったら、鍋に入れました。
I also added the boiled noodles to the pot.
I simmered the pot for 2-3 minutes.
Sorry, no photo of the final dish. I refrained from taking a photo.
My parents said the champon was very delicious. I also found it very delicious.