June 28, 2019

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 17/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート17

1 Pork and taka-na (a type of greens) ramen and potato bun
2 Mapo nasu (eggplant)
3 Takoyaki (octopus balls) and potato fries
4 Chicken katsu (cutlet) grilled(?) with tomato (sauce?) and (topped with?) cheese
5 Meat and vegetable stir-fry
1豚肉高菜ラーメン じゃがいもパン
3たこ焼き フライドポテト

The chicken katsu looks tasty, but I'd like to have lots of shredded cabbage rather that such a small portion of what looks like some kind of salad.
I wonder what Osaka people would say about the takoyaki because it doesn't look authentic due in part to lack of bonito flakes.

June 14, 2019

Unripe Ume vs. Ripe Ume/青梅と熟した梅

Which to use to make ume syrup, unripe or ripe ume?
The answer is simple: Both unripe and ripe ume can make tasty ume syrup, with some difference in color.
Left: Ume syrup made from unripe ume, together with leftover ume
Right: Ume syrup made from ripe ume, together with leftover ume
With my ume syrup recipe, which uses ume and sugar at a ratio of 1:0.5, instead of the more common 1:1, the leftover ume still contain a considerable amount of juice. You can eat them as a snack, make it into jam by adding some (20-50%) sugar, or make some more ume syrup by adding some (20-50%) sugar.
I personally like the leftover ume on the right because their texture is exactly the same as umeboshi although they are not dried and they are salt-free!