October 17, 2011


For lunch today, I made katsudon.
The recipe is basically the same as that for oyakodon, but I used a dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio of 3:1:1 this time. Thus,
60 ml dashi
20 ml soy sacue
20 ml mirin
Total amount of liquid = 100 ml
And, I used some green peas for garnish.

出汁 60 ml
しょう油 20 ml
みりん 20 ml
液体の合計 = 100 ml
I used a dish instead of a donburi (I'm on a diet!)
Sorry for the ugly photo. I failed to transfer the contents of the oyakonabe to the dish properly.

Needless to say, you don't necessarily have to use an oyakonabe to make decent oyakodon or katsudon.


Sissi said...

It looks so good, now I want to make tonkatsu... and I was planning korokke. I have a big dilemma since I have everything I need for tonkatsu in the fridge... I will try katsudon one day too!
Your photo looks very appealing. I have never managed to transfer oyakodon in one piece from the pan to the bowl.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I would suggest making crispy tonkatsu for dinner one day (and maybe have it with tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage like the Japanese do) and making katsudon for lunch or dinner the next day, using leftover tonkatsu.

>I have never managed to transfer oyakodon in one piece from the pan to the bowl.

No wonder. I failed even if I used an oyakonabe!! (laugh)

Katsudon was a favorite dish of mine when I was a university student. It was 330 yen in the cafeteria. I was lucky because they made katsudon one at a time, using an oyakonabe, after they received an order. In other cafeteria, they just made the topping in a large vat-like pot in advance, scooped some of it with a ladle, and placed it on top of rice when they got an order.

YSC said...

Mmm -- delicious! Unfortunately, each time I make tonkatsu there's never enough leftover the next day. I think my husband eats it at night! When you make tonkatsu, do you just make extra (e.g. double the amount) at the same time? I just don't enjoy frying things so much (clean up is so much more work!) so I try to fry less often, although I love fried food.

Hiroyuki said...

YSC: Yes, when I make deep-fried food, especially tempura, I do make just a lot of it, so it will last two or three days.

(The slices shown in the post are leftovers from store-bought tonkatsu.)