October 11, 2011

Unter Schnee/Under Snow/雪にうもれて

This evening, I watched the movie, Unter Schnee, in Shiozawa Orimono Kaikan (Shiozawa Fabric Hall) from 19:00.

Professor Fukuzawa, who assisted in making this movie (film), told the audience that this movie was first shown in Berlin in September this year, and is now shown in five cities in Germany.



Here is the English version of the trailer.

The director, Ulrike Ottinger, read the German version of Hokuetsu Seppu and was inspired by it.


Sissi said...

I don't understand anything, but judging from the images of the trailer the film is very interesting! Kiki is probably the happy one who can see it!

Fräulein Trude said...

Oh no, they show it today in the art house. It was scheduled for a couple of days only and I don't have time to go visit. But they will have it in TV soon (maybe Arte channel).
Sissi: She talks about a noble man on a journey in a snowy country side. She started to tell all the different names for different kinds of snow (not as much as the inuit know). Besides this geisha?! seems to be a man. Hard to tell. I would like to see more.

Fabian said...

@Fräulein Trude:
When do they show it on Arte?
I have moved from Stuttgart (where they show the film) to Munich (where they show the film) to a small city... where they don't show the film... Bad luck :-D

Hiroyuki said...

I added two links to the post.

Sissi said...

Kiki, thank you so much for the translation. Thank you for the Arte info, if you have any details, please tell me (I have French channels on my cable tv, so Arte too! I will also check on my own of course).

Fräulein Trude said...

Sissi/Fabian: This seems to be the typical film for Arte (fits perfect), so I think they will show it sooner or later. I don't know any date - it was only a guess.