February 15, 2013

My Award-Winning Recipe for Kirizai with Mushrooms Pickled in Rice Bran/受賞したレシピー「きのこのぬか漬けのきりざい」

I have won a "special award" in a recipe content conducted by the Uonuma Kinoko and Sansai Promotion Council, as you can see here (last photo but one).

The theme of the 2012 winter content was:  gohan ga susumu! kinoko ryori.
gohan = cooked rice
susumu = to advance, 
kinoko = mushroom
ryori = dish
"Gohan ga susumu" is a common expression pertaining to a dish that will make you want to have more rice as you eat it.  
2012年冬のコンテストのテーマは「 ご飯が進む!きのこ料理」。「ご飯が進む」とは、食べるとご飯がもっと欲しくなるような料理のことを指す一般的な表現です。

I actually submitted five different recipes, and the third one won the award.

The recipes are:

1. Dried mushroom furikake
1. 干しきのこのふりかけ

2. "Kinshobai"-style dried mushroom furikake
2. 「錦松梅」風干しきのこのふりかけ

3. Kirizai with mushrooms pickled in rice bran
3. きのこのぬか漬けのきりざい

4.  Dried mushroom "harihari zuke"
4.  干しきのこの「はりはり漬け」

5. Dried mushroom and walnut tsukudani
5. 干しきのことクルミの佃煮

I will post about the recipes when I have the time.

Today, I received this award from the Council.

Five mushrooms (enoki, eryngii, shiitake, buna shimeji, nameko), simmered nozawana, butterbur tsukudani, and mushroom-shaped strap


Fräulein Trude said...

一番 Congratulations! What a nice price you won. Your family must be very happy and proud of you.

muskratbyte said...

Excellent! Congratulations! I can't wait to see these recipes.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki and musratbyte: Thank you! But, a special award is a special award; it's not the highest award...