February 20, 2013

Natsumikan Peels Simmered with Sugar, Again/再び、夏みかんの皮の砂糖煮

I simmered natsumikan peels with sugar again, after removing the bitterness by simmering in boiling water for 10 minutes first and then soaking in cold water, with several changes of water.
Again, I used much less sugar (about 200 g) for peels from two natsumikan than a common recipe calls for.
今回も、夏みかん二個の皮に対して、通常のレシピよりずっと少ない量の砂糖(約200 g)を使いました。

Although I'm on a diet, I had one slice with one of the "truffles" I made yesterday.
The peels are mostly consumed by my son, while the marmalade is mostly consumed by my wife.


Fräulein Trude said...

I also made much more candied peels, again from about 12 oranges at least and another lot of 10 jars filled with marmalade. Now I am done with it until next year.

Hiroyuki said...

As for me, I won't make any more marmalade, because my son says he prefers peels to marmalade and my wife says she prefers to have the flesh as is. I will also simmer grapefruit peels.