February 9, 2013

Today's Bento (Feb. 9)/今日のお弁当(2月9日)

Today (Saturday), my son needs a bento because he attends a lecture class in the morning and participates in soccer club activities in the afternoon, unlike normal normal Saturdays, when he only participates in club activities in the morning.

So, my wife made a bento for him.
2 + 3 = 5 slices of gyoniku (fishmeat) hamburger (pan-fried this morning), simmered kiriboshi daikon (made last night), atsuyaki tamago (thick rolled omelet) (made this morning), store-bought frozen spinach; and
stir-fried ground pork + finely chopped pickles (made two days ago), ume katuso, wiener sausages seasoned with ketchup (made this morning)
魚肉ハンバーグが2 + 3 = 5切れ(今日焼いたもの)、切り干し大根(昨晩作ったもの)、厚焼き玉子(今朝作ったもの)、市販の冷凍ほうれん草、それと、

Let me remind you that this is a place to show our commonplace bento; this is no place to show off fabulous bento.


Sissi said...

So much goodness in just one bento! I have bought in Japan several boxes in the same series as the chopstick box above. Mine are yellow, but also checked pattern and very cute.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: My son's chopstick box was... bought at a 100-yen shop!

So, do you still believe that there is some magic in bento making? At least for my wife and me, a bento is just a collection of leftovers, store-bought foods, and some other dishes made quickly in the morning (laugh).

Fräulein Trude said...

Just read an article in a big german newspaper about Pausenbrot - the german version of boxed lunch for schooldays. 15 minutes preparation: 3 sandwiches with different kind of spreads (cheese, sausage, bacon),some small snacks as fruit pieces, vegetable sticks, yoghurt or Wiener or a candy bar. And this is called a very time consuming preparation and an elaborate lunch. What would they say seeing your bento, way better.

Sissi said...

I know! My square yellow box too ;-) (the same logo too... and I have bought several cute cotton bags there to put the boxes... in general I have bought dozens of things in several daiso shops). It's surprisingly good quality (as all I have bought in the 100 yen shops: the ceramic bowls with some patterns have already survived so many meals and dishwasher sessions... next time I will buy half a luggage of bowls and plates for 100 yens).
Yes, I still think there is magic in a bento box! (Kiki's comment is the best illustration of what "equivalent" we can have here... I have never had even such an "elaborate" lunch as a child).

Hiroyuki said...

>What would they say...
They might say, "Yuck, we definitely prefer sandwiches with different spreads!" (laugh)

Sissi: It's a small world! My daughter's is a pink, transparent one, bought from a non-Daiso 100-yen shop.