February 24, 2013

Tonkatsu and much more/豚カツなどなど

I was a "cook out of necessity" and now I am a Saturday/Sunday/holiday cook.  I had some work to do today (Sunday).

First, I had to simmer the peels from five or six natsumikan.  The flesh was mostly consumed by my wife.
My two small enameled pots are rather small, so I had to simmer the peels in three separate batches, for 10 minutes each.  I used paper towels instead of an otoshi buta (drop lid).
Then, I cut the peels into thin strips.
I tried these three knives (petty knife from Watanabe, Shigefusa nakiri, and Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife).  I found the Shigefusa kitaeji petty knife was the best tool for this job.
I then dried one daikon in the drying net.
As part of supper tonight, I made tonkatsu and other types of katsu.
More than 800 g pork tenderloin, four slices of ham, eight wiener sausages, one gyoniku (fishmeat) sausage cut into six sticks, and gyoza filling that was sitting in the partial freezing compartment for days.
豚のヒレ肉800 g以上、ハム4切れ、ウインナーソーセージ8本、魚肉ソーセージ一本を6本に切ったもの、何日もパーシャル冷凍室に入っていた餃子の具。

To dust them with flour, I use an I-Wrap bag.  The bag contains flour with some salt and pepper.
Put some ingredients in the bag, and shake well to ensure thorough coating.
The remaining flour is mixed with 2 eggs.
And, add some water.
I coated all ingredients with egg solution and breaded with panko.  The egg solution was almost gone!
All ingredients are ready for deep-frying.
45 pieces of pork.
My fryer.
First I deep-fried the gyoza filling, gyoniku sausage sticks, and wiener sausages.
Then, I deep-fried slices of ham.
The coating was swollen while deep-fried.
First and second batches of tonkatsu:
Third and fourth batches of tonkatsu:
I got this amount of pankon left on the plastic wrap.
I deep-fried it, too.  See the upper left one.
When I finished all the jobs, it was past five.
I forgot to mention that I also made miso soup with onion, daikon, cabbage, wakame, and enoki, as well as simmered hijiki.  As usual, I am a "clean-while-cooking" type.


Fräulein Trude said...

You prepared quite a lot. Some is for the o-bentos I suppose. And some reminds me on german breaded food. We never deep-fry breaded Wiener sausages but I heard about breaded and deep-fried sausage slices from former eastern germany. It is a big sausage, sold sliced http://diewurstmachts.eshop.t-online.de/Jagdwurst-fuer-Jaegerschnitzel

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Obviously, these fries are too much for my family of four to finish for a single supper. Some of them were frozen for later use in my son's bento, and my wife is thinking of making katsudon for supper.

Thanks for the link. I could have deep-fried these slices, too, if I had had some in my fridge (laugh). I was thinking of deep-frying koya dofu, too, but unfortunately, my wife had used it up the other day.

Yangsze said...

Wow, looks like you were very busy! Your family is lucky that you're such a good cook.

By the way, I used to comment on your blog as "YSC" and have since updated my profile ;)

Hiroyuki said...

Yangsze: I was busy last Sunday, but now I have been much less busy on weekdays because my wife makes breakfast and supper.

(Thanks for letting me know of your screen name change!)