April 2, 2009

Three Types of Tempura/3種類の天ぷら

For supper last night, my wife made three types of tempura: Fukinoto tempura, sweet potato tempura, and kounago kakiage.
"Kounago" refers to young ikanago (Ammodytes personatus Girard).

Fukinoto and sweet potato tempura:

My wife likes to add some salt to the tempura batter when making sweet potato tempura, so that it can be eaten without tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce). She also likes to omit eggs in her batter.
Kounago-carrot-onion kakiage:

Close-up of one piece of fukinoto tempura:

Close-up of one piece of sweet potato tempura:

We had the tempura with soba (buckwheat noodles).


Mama said...

That looks very good! The close-up shots are really good. You can tell the batter is very light and crispy.

Hiroyuki said...

pink: There is a lot to talk about tempura, because making good tempura can be very difficult even for native Japanese. I think I'll provide some more detailed information about tempura the next time I make tempura myself.

Mama said...

That would be great, Hiroyuki! I would love to learn how to make tempura from an expert. :)

Anonymous said...

I love tempura!! Especially kabocha tempura.. I tried making some but only managed to slice off 3 pieces of kabocha before I almost stabbed myself with the knife.. I honestly have no idea why is the kabocha so hard!!

Hiroyuki said...

pink: I never said I was an expert! (laugh). I just want to provide some insight into what "authentic" home-style tempura should be.

ジュリア: I visited your site. So, you like tendon! I do, too! Here is the tempura cook-off thread on eGullet, if you are interested
where I discussed tempura and tendon.
I've never tried this myself, but some people seem to cook kabocha until soft in a microwave before slicing.

Mama said...

Hiroyuki: You are an "expert" to me, since you know what is authentic. :)

ジュリア: I hear ya on the kabocha. I love cooking with it, but it's such a pain to cut open! You have to be careful, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hiroyuki: OOO..I love tendon!! Hahha..thanks for the tip.. I am terrified of the microwave though.. maybe prolly use it when the housemate returns..

Pink: I love eating it..but not cooking with it.. I fear for my life..hahaha