August 8, 2009

Squid Simmered with Daikon/イカと大根の煮物

The other day, sashimi-grade surume ika (Japanese flying squids or Japanese common squids in English) were sold for 100 yen each, so I bought two. Natually, we had them (squid tubes) as sashimi.

(By the way, don't expect me to decorate the sashimi with shredded daikon, green perilla, and so on!)
I simmered the tentacles with daikon cut into quarters.

This time, I used a dashi, soy sauce, and mirin ratio of 12:1:1. Thus, I combined:
400 ml dashi
33 ml soy sauce
33 ml mirin
For this dish, you usually use squid tubes as well, and you usually parboil daikon before simmering with squid. I was in a rush, so I simply simmered squid tentacles first for a few minutes, then added daikon, and continued to simmer for another ten minutes.
出汁400 ml
しょう油33 ml
みりん33 ml
I must say that squid and daikon go very well together!


Mama said...

Yum, I love ika! I like it plain, with just a little soy sauce and wasabi. I also love it with uni and a shiso leaf (nigiri-style).

Hiroyuki said...

pink: I like temaki zushi (hand-rolled sushi) with ika, umeboshi paste, and shiso!

Mama said...

I have never tried it with umeboshi paste! Now I have another thing I need to try. :)