September 23, 2009

Regional Potato Chips, etc./地域限定ポテトチップスなど

Here are some of the items I bought yesterday.
Left: Potato Chips, Kyushu Shoyu, which uses local chickens produced in Kagoshima Prefecture (in Kyusu)
Right: Potato Chips, Kansai Dashi Joyu (< Shoyu), which uses Ichiban dashi from dried bonito.
左: ポテトチップス九州しょうゆ。鹿児島県産の地鶏使用。
右: ポテトチップス関西だしじょうゆ。かつお一番だし使用。

The left one had a flavor quite similar to the consomme-flavored version from the same manufacturer (Calbee), while the right one had a distinctive kombu and bonito flavor.
The following are three bags of rice crackers:
Left: Broken deep-fried sembei
Right: Broken sembei
左: 割れた揚げせんべい
右: 割れたせんべい

Broken salada (salad oil) sembei

These rice crackers (sembei) are usually called "ware sen" (broken sembei), and are very cheap. All these bags are 198 yen each.
You may never consider buying such flawed sembei, but I like them because they are both tasty and cheap.
10-kg bag of Koshihikari rice, new crop:
3,580 yen. You may think that it's expensive, but it's actually quite reasonable in Japan.
コシヒカリ10 kg袋、新米:

I also bought this: Edamame!

150 yen. Very cheap by Japanese standards, yet very tasty.


Mama said...

I love those Japanese snacks! We have Calbee brand here, but I haven't tried those flavors before. :)

Hiroyuki said...

pink: Two of my favorite flavors from Calbee potato chips are usu shio (lightly salted) and nori shio (aonori and salt). I keep coming back to the same old flavors.