October 24, 2010

Garden Matsuri (Festival)/ガーデンまつり

Sorry, not a food-related post. Today, I went to the Garden Matsuri (Festival) with my wife and daughter and a friend of my daughter's, where pots of pansy, viola, and other plants, more than 124 types in total, were sold at 80 yen each. All types of pansy and viola were very beautiful, and it was very hard for us to choose which ones to buy. You could spend a whole day watching them all.

Finally, my family bought these five:


Okasan said...

I am a gardener also here in Canada. Winter is coming and nothing will grow outside, except evergreen trees. We just finished cleaning out all the dead plants from the pots and from the ground so next spring we will have less work to do. I am curious, are you planting the pansies for next spring? I know Japan gets pretty cold in the winter too and these plants will not stay alive for the winter months.


Hiroyuki said...


Have you noticed the sign in the eighth photo, which says:
Hardy, and continues to bloom even in winter

Here in the Uonoma Basin in Niigata, we get a lot of snow in winter, but the temperature seldom falls below -5C. I think I'll just move the planters to a place where they won't get snow.

Hiroyuki said...

Sorry, not Uonoma but Uonuma
魚沼 うおぬま